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Computer Vision and AI: My Experiences

In 2019 and 2020 I participated in two computer vision challenges and learned a lot: the Kaggle Plant Seedlings Classification Challenge and the Data Science Bowl.

Kaggle is probably the best known platform for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Challenges. Competitions are regularly held there in cooperation with companies. These usually provide very well prepared data and the task of the participants is to create the best possible predictions on this data. The best participants can win cash prizes, but most participants are interested in competing with the best data scientists and machine learning engineers in the world. In the Plant Seedlings Challenge, the task was to identify which of twelve different species of plant seedlings could be seen in images.

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What is JAMStack and what are its advantages?

JAM – an abbreviation that allows for many puns. But what is behind it and what does it mean?

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What is the DEEP framework?

DEEP Framework is a full-stack web framework for building cloud-native web applications. Read more about it in the following post.