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The Best Firefox Extensions for Better Browsing & Privacy

Firefox has been the most popular browser in the world for years; nowadays Google Chrome has taken over. However, Mozilla has not been idle and has given the browser a major makeover. Should you switch back, check out these 10 Firefox extensions for improving privacy and enhancing your browsing experience.

Firefox’s market share has been dangling around 10 percent for a while, but now seems to be on the rise again. This is probably due to all the major improvements the browser is getting.

Ghostery Privacy – Block trackers and more

Ghostery is an open source tool that blocks ads, trackers and all kinds of other third-party content. A little counter on the icon tells you how many trackers and related things the tool has found on the current web page.

From here you can then easily decide whether or not to trust the website and to what extent you want to block ads and trackers. On the Detailed Overview tab, you can even determine that per tracker (type), and not just for that one site. We do recommend that you remove all the checkmarks under Settings, Join/Remove.

Cookie AutoDelete – Better cookie management

If you want to control cookies and related data meticulously, try Cookie AutoDelete. It is a good idea to go through the settings after installation. Among other things, the Auto Cleanup Options section is quite interesting.

You can also determine per site which cookies you want to put in a greylist or whitelist. Items in a whitelist are kept quasi-permanently, those in a greylist until the browser is restarted. Besides cookies you can also have all kinds of other data removed, such as cache, localstorage and indexeddb.

Behave! – Stop prying eyes

It can never be excluded that certain websites secretly perform a port scan on your system or try to access ip addresses in your network. The extension Behave! warns you immediately about this. The icon color then changes and you get information such as the targeted ip addresses and ports.

You can also view the logs afterwards. On the Prefs tab you can set the number of port scans required to receive a warning, among other things.

iMacros – Easy automation

The iMacros add-on automates many repetitive tasks that you encounter as an average Internet user. If you are tired of constantly having to fill out online webforms, password requests and other things that interrupt your browsing experience, try this extension. Different Macros can be created to speed up different processes. This tool goes beyond the default of filling in forms and password fields. Automatic login, automating downloads and uploads, exporting data to CSV files, site performance testing and social bookmark scripting are some of the features of this wonderful add-on.

Grammarly – Write like a pro

On the Internet, English is pretty much the language of choice anyway, and chances are you’ll need to express yourself in English. Grammarly is an add-on that helps you write correct English. This tool goes far beyond the standard spell checker and also checks grammar and context. This add-on works on many popular sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and is free to use unless you need more than 400 language improvements per month, then you will have to plunk down $140 per year.

Awesome Screenshot Plus

If you find your default screenshot options too sparse, check out Awesome Screenshot Plus. This add-on lets you capture entire web pages (or a portion) and you can easily add elements and annotations. In addition, you can blur sensitive information and host the screenshot on the company’s server.
The creators ask $4 donation fee for this software.

Xmarks Sync

If you use different devices with different browsers, managing bookmarks is not always a pleasure. Xmarks Sync solves this problem by backing up and synchronizing your bookmarks. This makes them available on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (macOS) and Chrome. You have to create an account (of course), but the service is otherwise free for desktop users. If you also want to use this data on mobile devices you can use iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices for $1 per month.

Gmail Notifier

This extension can be used if you don’t feel like checking your Gmail all the time. Constantly having to click back and forth from tab to tab to check your mail gets pretty tired at some point. The Gmail Notifier may not solve all your email problems, but it does streamline when and how you notice your incoming mail. This tool supports multiple accounts and you can set how you receive the notifications and attach different labels to them.
Get rid of those unnecessary tab(s)

DownThemAll Firefox Extension

DownThemAll is a free open source download manager that claims to increase download speeds by 400 percent. Every link and image can be downloaded thanks to this plug-in, and you can neatly filter by file type and get everything in and rename it with the click of a button.

Video DownloadHelper

Downloading videos and streams can still sometimes go wrong with DownThemAll, but thanks to Video DownloadHelper, downloading YouTube videos (note, not actually allowed if you don’t have a RED account) video streams from other site becomes very easy.

Firefox is a great browser that combines the best of all worlds. Its features can be easily extended with extensions like these. Why not download a few and enjoy improved productivity, workflow and diverse features? If you’d like to add any of your favorite extensions to the list, send us a tip!

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